LWF11 – Day 2


Continuing on from the Sunday Service I was ready for some more exciting and innovative thinking at Learning Without Frontiers – Day 2. The day kicked off with a Welcome & Introduction by Graham Brown-Martin, where he introduced a variety of speakers. There was an interesting talk from Iris Lapinski, who runs Apps for Good, a programme where young people learn to create apps. The talk was mainly focusing around themes of problem solving and making people’s lives easier. Iris called upon a student to come and talk about an Oyster Card App where users can check the amount of money left on their card. The app also gave people the option of depositing more money if they were low. The app was made because they identified a problem many people were experiencing, to back this up many people in the room agreed that they too had come across this problem and had caused them to me late for work/meetings/appointments.

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